RACING HELMET COLLECTOR for Crypto Payments of High-End Racing Memorabilia

Montreal-based companies, ARMORI STEELE and Dello, have officially joined forces to allow clients worldwide to pay entirely in cryptocurrency for their purchases of high-end racing memorabilia and luxury cars. The effort revolutionizes the way that high-end collectibles are acquired and will help push cryptocurrency payments to mainstream adoption.  Dello is an innovative POS system that allows online and physical stores to securely accept and process cryptocurrencies. The system then converts the crypto almost instantaneously to fiat currency and sends it directly to the merchants’ bank accounts like a regular credit card payment.

Andy Chung, president of ARMORI STEELE states, “Accepting crypto payments will forever change the way that sports memorabilia are acquired. This will allow collectors from all corners of the world to purchase rare sports collectibles. And we are certainly open to shipping to just about any country worldwide.”

Olivier Benloulou, the renowned owner of OB Prestige Auto is a co-founder and president at Dello. Olivier and his innovative FinTech team are helping push the secure and mainstream adoption of crypto payments not only in Canada, but on an international level. “For the first time last month, we sold a Lamborghini and accepted the payment in full, all in crypto”, Olivier stated recently. "Through this new union of ARMORI STEELE and Dello, car racing enthusiasts and crypto holders worldwide will now be able to acquire autographed racing helmets from legendary racers such as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna." The limits are boundless with crypto payments.



ARMORI STEELE INC is a sports and entertainment memorabilia company. Established in 2013 and operating out of Montreal, QC and Las Vegas, NV.


About Dello

Dello is a Montreal-based FinTech company with a mission to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to all. By better informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, Dello is breaking the barriers to global crypto adoption. We’re shaping the future one transaction at a time.




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