How Our Autographs Are Obtained? IP (In-Person) & Existing Autographs

How are our new F1 autographs acquired?


We are always looking and acquiring existing autographed F1 memorabilia. Often times, old collectors sell off their previously signed F1 collections and we acquire the items already signed / autographed.



We work with a dedicated team of Racing Autographs Chasers (RAC) that are solely dedicated to obtaining In-Person (IP) autographs.

Our RAC follow the F1 Grand Prix circuits and are deployed at almost every Grand Prix event. An international network of RAC teams that are present during GPs in the UK, France, Monaco, the Middle East, USA and Canada. 


Where do our RAC acquire new autographs? 

Our RAC are present at airports, hotel lobbies, public F1 meet and greet events, at the paddocks, at the pre-qualifications, official races and post race parties. No stone is left unturned. 

Our RAC are always ready to acquire unique, premium autographs from the world’s most famous racers. From Lewis Hamilton, to Charles Leclerc, to Max Verstappen, our RAC are present to immortalize each autograph. Forever, on timeless collector pieces. 

Particularities of In-person (IP) autographs:

Each of our IP signatures are authentic.

IP signatures or autographs vary in ink quality and shape due to the circumstances in which they are acquired. Oftentimes, racers are in a rush and are signing on the run. Giving back appreciation to collectors and fans. Autographs are at times rushed and differ from the racer’s formal long form Sit-down (SD) autographs. However, it is not always possible to have calm SD autographs in the world of F1 racing. In turn, each IP is special, unique and captures a specific moment in time. 

More often than not, IP signatures are signed on items that our RAC are holding in their hands, with very little base support. At other times, the racer is signing over a tall race track fence, signing from a huge crowd of fans, signing as they exit their hotel lobby or arriving at the airport. Since COVID19, acquiring IP autographs has become increasingly challenging since F1 racers have to maintain their safe distance from the public to protect their own health. 

IP value has risen drastically, since each autograph is special, unrepeatable and truly authentic as it encapsulates a specific moment in time where a legendary racer blesses and immortalizes a piece of racing memorabilia forever with his signature. No one else in the world can own  that same autographed piece of memorabilia but yourself. A perfect autograph is all its imperfections.