Incredible LEWIS HAMILTON Signed Helmets Selection For Sale

We have added 6x incredibly rare and unique autographed Lewis Hamilton helmets to our selection.

1) Lewis Hamilton Signed Helmet Visor 2021 Rainbow Abu Dhabi GP Autographed Promo Full Scale 1:1 AS-02284

For the first time ever in company history, we have available for you a 2021 LEWIS HAMILTON GAY PRIDE 2021 ABHU DHABI Rainbow helmet. A truly magnificent piece of art. One that can only be fully appreciated in person. And a beautiful protest by Lewis to stand up for human rights and gay rights in the Middle East.



2) Lewis Hamilton Signed Race Issued Visor Monaco 2022 Mounted On Promo 2019 Gold Abu Dhabi Tribute Autographed Full Scale 1:1 AS-02431

A beautiful golden helmet! 2019  Abu Dhabi, Lewis brought out the most glamorously gold leaf covered action helmet. A Race issued autographed visor from Monaco 2022 has been mounted on this 2019 Gold Abu Dhabi Promo tribute helmet



3) Lewis Hamilton Signed Helmet Visor TEAR-OFF 2019 White Silverstone England BELL Helmets Official Release Autographed Full Scale 1:1 AS-02574

Signed DIRECTLY on the plastic VISOR TEAR OFF and then subsequently applied on an officially released BELL HELMET Snell rated, race ready helmet. Rare Official BELL HELMETS  2019 England GP release.



4) Lewis Hamilton Signed Helmet Visor 2018 White Autographed Promo Full Scale 1:1 AS-02573

A classic white Lewis Hamilton 4x championships starred helmet. When Lewis was starting to rise as a mega superstar with Team Mercedes. Iconic. Simple. Clean. 





5) Lewis Hamilton Signed Helmet Direct Autograph White 2018-2019 Senna Tribute Interlagos Brazil BELL Helmets Full Size 1:1 AS-02558

This beautiful, highly detailed BELL HELMETS replica edition helmet of Lewis Hamilton commemorating his 5th World Championship win was signed in person by Lewis Hamilton at the Mercedes factory in early 2018.SIGNED DIRECTLY ON HELMET by Lewis Hamilton
VERY RARE: White 2019 Edition Senna Tribute Interlagos Brazil. Autographed in 2018 on



6) Lewis Hamilton + Toto Wolff Signed Helmet Dual Signed Race Issued Visor Mounted On Promo 2020 Helmet Black & Purple Display Tribute Full Scale 1:1 AS-02430

This tribute F1 helmet is Dual signed by LEWIS HAMILTON and TOTO WOLFF. This visor was race issued. The visor is new and has not been used. The visor is autographed by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff with a silver paint pen. And has been mounted a beautifully painted promo helmet. Toto Wolff is an Austrian billionaire motorsport executive, investor, and former racing driver. He is Team Principal and CEO of the team Mercedes Petronas.