Unveiling An AYRTON SENNA SIGNED HELMETS & MEMORABILIA Collection Acquired From The UK

It's been 27 years already, since one of the greatest pure F1 racers left us in blaze of glory. Senna left his life on the track of Imola, Italy in 1994. Doing what he does best: RACING.
In memory of the great Ayrton Senna, we will be unveiling some VERY SPECIAL autographed frames, picture, race pamphlets, and of course some ultra rare, ultra premium autographed Senna helmets from an important lot that we have recently acquired from an retired collector in the UK.
Our UK collector had kept these rare Senna items in his personal collection for over 30 years now. Most of the autographs were acquired in person, signed by Ayrton Senna himself, during his multiple presence at the Grand Prix events in Silverstone, England.
Ladies and gentleman, we present to you our newly updated AYRTON SENNA COLLECTION.
Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks, as we will be adding more and more autographed pieces as they become available.